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How to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number?

We’ve put together this guide to help you trace the Location of the right person by phone number.

Tracking a Location By Phone Number

Quite often, parents may wonder where their child is at present, or where he or she has been. Jealous spouses may want to track the whereabouts of their husband or wife, or you may want to know where your coworker is at a given time.

Fortunately, it is possible to track the location of any person thanks to GPS and modern mobile technology, which has become so advanced these days that it allows you to determine the exact location of any person.

Mobile location tracking apps

We have tested several different apps to find the best options for phone number location tracking and we have selected the best quality phone tracking tools for you.

All of these apps are completely beginner-friendly, so they are suitable for users with any level of technical experience.

So, our list of tracking apps.

The best phone tracking apps

  • EyeZy
  • mSpy
  • uMobix
  • Localize
  • Geofinder
  • Location Tracker

Which app should I choose to track my phone?

All the apps on our list can be roughly divided into two types: simple phone trackers and spy multifunction apps that track all phone activity, such as calls, messages, and social media activity, and also have a location tracking feature by phone number.

Best Phone Trackers

  1. Localize
  2. Geofinder
  3. Location Tracker



Tracking a Phone

Allows you to locate your cell phone anywhere in Australia and works with all types of phones and networks. You do not need physical access to the phone being tracked, you only need a phone number and you’re good to go.



Tracking a Phone

This is a reliable phone number tracker that allows you to locate the exact location of any phone number on a map of Australia regardless of mobile in minutes. In addition to basic location tracking Geofinder has a number of additional features: IP logger, WiFi tracker, VPN checker, Free carrier lookup, SMS tracking, Find someone’s location on Google maps.

Location Tracker

Location Tracker

Tracking a Phone

This advanced phone tracker allows you to easily find out a person’s GPS coordinates in Australia via any messenger. You don’t need to download or install the app, just register and provide your phone number. An image will be sent to this number and when you click on it, the program will track the phone’s location. In addition to location tracking, Location Tracker has a number of additional features: GPS Tracker, IP Logger, WiFi Tracker, VPN Checker, Cell Phone Carrier Lookup.

How do phone trackers work?

These applications are capable of tracking someone’s location by their cell phone number anywhere in the world. All you need to do is get the number of the person you want to track and buy access to any service from our list: Localize, Geofinder or Location Tracker.

You don’t need phone access to track the location of the phone by number, these apps work without phone access, you just need to write the number you want and that’s it, the tracking is on.

After purchasing the service, you need to enter the cell phone number of the person you want to track. The service will then automatically send an SMS message with a clickable link to that phone number. Once the person clicks the link, their location will be synchronized with your account and you can easily track their location remotely at any time, no matter where they are. The message is written in such a way that the person you want is likely to click the link.

Best spy tracking apps

  1. EyeZy
  2. mSpy
  3. uMobix



Tracking a Phone

A state-of-the-art comprehensive phone tracking app that is especially effective for both phone location tracking and multi-functional features such as call, message, and social media tracking.

EyeZy allows you to take screenshots of what’s happening on the phone you’re tracking, which is very handy if you’re tracking your spouse or child.

EyeZy’s main features:

  • Location and geo-zone tracking, getting an alert if a person enters or leaves a certain area.
  • Block access to certain websites and Wi-Fi networks
  • Block access to certain apps on your device
  • Tracking social networking messages
  • Phone analyzer, viewing address book, incoming and outgoing calls



Tracking a Phone

mSpy is an application for tracking your smartphone, that allows you to remotely track the actions of your child: read correspondence, and watch the location of the device.

mSpy is one of the best mobile device tracking apps that maintains its position as one of the best on the market.

To make spying easier, mSpy has a sorting feature that can be used to retrieve data only from a specific app, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

The main features of mSpy:

  • The app encrypts and protects data
  • Works in the background
  • Updates information every 5 minutes
  • Offers multilingual support
  • Allows you to read incoming/outgoing text messages



Tracking a Phone

uMobix is an iOS and Android mobile device monitoring software. uMobix monitors almost all activities of the target phone: phone calls, SMS messages, GPS location, Internet search history, messengers, social networks, etc.

The app provides real-time access to target devices and allows users to record screenshots of the target phone’s screen.

Key features of uMobix:

  • Advanced GPS tracker
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Phone call tracking
  • Text message monitoring
  • Photo gallery access
  • Browser history tracking

How to track a phone number for free?

Most of the applications on our list have a free trial. So you will be able to track your phone’s location for free. Applications like Localize and Geofinder have a trial version, costing only $1, so you can take advantage of these services at a minimal cost.

How do spy tracking apps work?

In order to use these services, you need one-time access to the phone you want to track. You need to install a special spy app on that phone, which will be hidden and cannot be detected on the phone.

Phone spy applications can track incoming and outgoing phone calls, and SMS messages, intercept correspondence in messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, and others), listen to what is happening in the room with a microphone, determine the location and capture images from phone cameras. These applications are completely hidden and undetectable by the user.

To install the spyware, you need physical access to your device or access through a remote access program. You can try any of the applications discussed, they all do an excellent job.

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