How do you spy on someone’s Instagram?

Instagram spy Spyware

Do you want to see images of a private Instagram account or find out who your girlfriend is talking to when she uses the app? It’s quite possible to do that, but you should know that spying on Instagram is illegal, as well as immoral and childish.

However, there are many other people who want to follow stories on Instagram just to get ideas or view their subscribers’ posts, in which case we won’t do anything wrong, and there are several ways to see them, even if they are private.

In any case, in this post we will see all the ways to follow Instagram for free, or conversely, to protect yourself from gawkers seeking information about you.

Why spy on someone’s Instagram?

There are several reasons you can justify logging onto another person’s Instagram without their permission, although it’s wrong, people are usually looking for:

  • Protect your children. Certainly, parents care about their children and logically want to protect them from outside threats, but the lack of time with family makes it easier for children, teens, and young adults to fall under the spell of malicious people circulating on social media.
  • Discerning Infidels. Another possible cause of spying is spousal infidelity, where suspicions of infidelity are caused by flirting with another person.
  • Control employees. Companies have their own ways of monitoring and controlling their employees. If any of them cause a supervisor to have doubts about their work, it may be necessary to monitor their Instagram activity.
  • Recover a lost account. Many people use multiple accounts for different purposes, so we may have forgotten one of our accounts or even want to log into someone who has passed away to delete all Instagram activity.

The best Instagram hacking apps

The best apps for effective spying on someone else’s Instagram

Are there effective spy apps for Instagram or are they strategies to attract more users to a particular website? To answer this question, we’ve analyzed a number of apps that are “supposedly” used to spy on Instagram chats, followers, and online statuses.

Want to know which spy app is best, then take a look at this list we prepared for you.



Try mSpy

This is an Instagram spy app designed to monitor our children. mSpy is considered the best spy service because it offers us more than 50 tracking tools with which we can find out the password from Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.

It’s not a free program, but knowing all its potential, it’s worth investing in.

How to Install mSpy on the Target Phone

How do I spy on my partner’s Instagram with mSpy?

  • Get access to the mSpy tool and hire one of the available plans.
  • Start following the installation guide for Android or iOS.
  • First, you will need to “select your operating system,”, then “configure the device” The device we want to investigate during the installation process, and then “enable the activation code”. which you will find in your email after purchasing the tool.
  • From that point, you just need to go into the Mspy control panel, something like this, and select the tab (Instagram tracking) to keep track of your Instagram posts.



Try uMobix

This app was created specifically for parents looking to shield their children from the negative influences of social media.

The app remotely tracks their current location, SMS, or web browsing log. The best thing about this Instagram spy tool is that it’s not just for Instagram, we can also use it to monitor Facebook conversations.

uMobix — cell phone tracking for modern parents

How to hack Instagram with this app?

  • Log in to the official site to create an account. When the question “How to spy on Instagram for free” appears on the screen, click “Login.” Then you enter your ID and password to open an account.
  • Set up the program: To do this, download the app, install it, and open it. The session then opens with the account information provided by the user and selects the “grant permission” option. After that, you click the “Start Monitoring” button.
  • Since you are logged into the account, find the control panel and the “social apps” option, select Instagram, and start monitoring the content of your Instagram account.


Try eyeZy

This website allows you to hack a target person’s Instagram account and password in just a couple of minutes.

It is considered the best hacking site on the web for hacking Instagram social accounts, moreover, they consider itself a tool that leaves no trace in terms of the espionage process.

eyeZy Overview: Top 11 Features This Monitoring App Has

How to follow Instagram online with this app?

  • Go to the official InstaHack website and click “Start Hacking.”
  • Enter the name of the Instagram account you want to hack and click “hack”.
  • The app starts by checking the account name. The process is currently retrieving the access key.
  • Once the information is successfully obtained, the program will establish a strong connection with Instagram and start retrieving the password of the target person’s account.

How to spy on Instagram without knowing the password?

There is an easy way to spy on a private Instagram online without knowing your password. I’m talking about using a website specifically designed to view Instagram stories.

The website in question is called, and through it we can see stories, highlights and recent posts added.

Viewing the publications is as simple as buying a tube package, we just have to enter the name of the account, for example, @codecia, and click ” search “. , then the tool will collect the data for you and without a password!

Spy on Instagram for free with the “I forgot my password” method

On the Internet we can find hundreds of apps that allow us to log into Instagram without an account, although the reality is that there is a much easier way to hack an Instagram account without installing an app, this can be easily achieved with the famous I forgot my password method.

You’ll need to have the cell phone of the person in question before you can get the password.

  • The first thing you need to do is open the Instagram app in initial mode to log in.Open the menu and click on the “Add Account” option.
  • When the Instagram login page is displayed, enter the username of the target account.
  • You can get a password by clicking on the “Get login help” option.
  • Select the SMS options, reset the password link, and enter your smartphone number.
  • After resetting the password and delivering it to your device, the link is sent again.
  • If you don’t receive any code, open the message by clicking the link that allows you to change the password directly.
  • Enter another password and confirm it.

You should keep in mind that with this method you will leave a trail everywhere and sooner or later they will eventually discover you, so I don’t recommend it.

The manual way to spy on Instagram is easy and fast

There is a manual method by which we can follow Instagram online in seconds because it is a social network that does not ask you to create an account to view the publications of any user.

You will only need to follow a few steps, which I will explain below:

  • Log in to your browser and open the incognito tab.
  • Include the name of the person you want to follow along with this search code.
  • You’ll see a lot of results with that Instagram account, so you’ll have to refine your search a bit with their full name, hobby or taste.
  • With this simple process, we can find all Instagram users in minutes.

With this method, you can only see people’s public images and videos, not the personal posts they share.

Do you want to know who is spying on Instagram?

A professional spy always starts by checking their victim’s activity before logging into their account, so make sure you know in advance if someone is spying on you.

There are several popular apps to find out if someone is spying on your Instagram:

  • Sarman – One of my favorite apps to find out who has been viewing my Instagram profile, many spies start by looking at a user’s profile before hacking into your account.
  • InMyStalker is another good option for analyzing your account, it can be used to see who has viewed your Instagram profile in seconds. It doesn’t offer us many options, but it is extremely effective.
  • As a final option, I want to leave you with X Profile, a subscriber analysis app that will let you know who has seen your profile, who has blocked it or stopped following you through a simple, powerful, and secure dashboard.

How do I protect myself from spies?

If you’re on the opposite side and don’t want your boss or partner to be able to spy on your Instagram status, I’m going to recommend a number of methods you can use to protect yourself from these people who are looking at accounts. others without permission.

  • Turn your account into private mode by clicking “Options > and mark private account” so you can prevent them from viewing your statuses and posts.
  • Install antivirus on your device to avoid spyware applications that collect data from your Instagram.
  • Exit your devices. Remember to do this if you’re logging into your Instagram from another terminal, because they can take the opportunity to see your DM, so be sure to log out when you’re done using it.
  • Install protection on your phone, because many spies take advantage of a convenient moment to view your messages, like when we’re taking a shower, so if we put protection, we prevent it from happening to us.


In the end, all forms of spying require us to have access to the victim’s cell phone, and that’s not easy, especially since most of us spend most of our free time with our cell phones.

Also, as I told you before, you shouldn’t spy on Instagram in a way that the other person won’t know about it.

Ultimately, whether you do it or not is up to you, if you do, you will have to bear the consequences, so I recommend you don’t do it.

Paul Num is a professional in telephone communications, gadgets, and software. We engage him to work with in order to provide you with only verified and relevant information.

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