How do I spy on someone else’s browsing history?

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How to view someone’s browsing history from a different phone?

Quick answer: to track someone else’s mobile browser history, install any spy app from our list on this phone.

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Tracking browser browsing history

According to data published by the Pew Research Center, it shows that at least 80% of people use the Internet every day for work, school, accessing social media and other things.

For example, there are sites dedicated to identity theft and privacy theft, or dangerous pages that children risk visiting. Viewing or keeping track of your browsing history can prevent such inconveniences.

So, whatever your reason for needing to view your last visited pages on the Internet, here’s how to do it best.

Ways to open the history on another person’s phone

Using a hacking app

If you need to find out the deleted browsing history on your Android phone or iPhone, you need to install a spy app on that phone.

The best apps for tracking browser history

How to find out what websites someone has visited?

To do this, you need to gain temporary access to your device. This method is about how to perform a mobile browser browsing history view on your own Android phone. This method is also suitable for those who want to see someone else’s history from someone else’s phone and have access to that phone.

How do I open history on my phone in Chrome, Opera, or YouTube?

  1. Chrome browser. If you use Chrome search, then you need: to go to the browser – at the end of the address bar, click on three dots – History.
  2. Opera browser. If you use Opera search, then you have to: go to the browser, in the top right corner click on your account – History search.
  3. YouTube video hosting. Unfortunately, you can’t view your YouTube search history, just like you can’t view video history on your Android phone. You can only delete the history. Either one particular request, or the entire history. You need to: go to the browser – in the upper right corner, click on your account – Settings – History and Privacy.

Now you know how to access the history on your Android phone in order to view, find something, or clear it.

View your search history without accessing your phone

If you don’t have access to your phone and you just need to see your search history on your Android, then you’ll need to take care of that beforehand:

  • Get access to your phone
  • Install the software
  • Return the phone to the owner

You won’t need any more access to the phone. But, we want to reiterate that you will need to let the person know that the mSpy service is installed on their device.

Is it really possible to see remote correspondence?

Yes, you really can. The program will intercept what the person enters in the browser search bar. And it doesn’t really matter what they do with the history – delete it or save it. The program has already saved the information. Therefore, you will be able to view the history of visiting sites on your phone, even if it was deleted. Note. Our application will be able to show the history of your phone only if you use Chrome.

Why should I keep track of my browsing history?

There are many good reasons why it’s important to know someone else’s browsing history, including:

  • For parental control: Nowadays, almost all kids and teens have a smartphone or tablet. Therefore, there is a high probability that they are accessing Web sites with violent, harmful, or pornographic content. Consequently, by monitoring their browsing history, you can better control the information that reaches your children to apply effective parental controls that avoid problems with abusers and cyber criminals.
  • For employee monitoring: by viewing employee history, you can get an idea of what they do during work hours to see if they are spending their productive time well. Similarly, if you look at their Internet history, you will know if they are visiting pornographic sites or sites containing viruses or malware, which will also help you protect business systems from possible cyber attacks.
  • In case we have horns: when you notice your partner or spouse acting suspiciously, it’s handy to monitor your browsing history to clear up any doubts. Plus, you can also make sure you’re not getting into a dangerous situation that puts your personal safety at risk.
  • To give a good gift: If you want to give a special gift to your partner or child to surprise them by looking at their search history, we can find out their personal tastes and give them the best gift. That way, they choose what that special person likes best so they can feel that you care about them and appreciate them.

How do I view someone else’s browsing history?

Viewing another user’s Internet history is not as easy as it sounds, but it’s not impossible either. The best alternative is to choose parental control applications specializing in phone tracking, which work very well across different operating systems.

1) Accessing the browsing history on your iPhone

If you need to keep track of your iPhone search history, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • Find the settings menu of the device (the one in the form of a small book) and click “History”.
  • In the bookmarks, we can find out the browsing history of any day of the week.
  • If the user has the Safari app installed, tap additional options to view the user’s personal history.

2) Keep track of browsing history on Android

Knowing your browsing history is one of the easiest things we can do, you just need to follow a few steps that I explain below:

  • Open your browser, in this case, it can be Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla.
  • Click on the top 3 dots and then on “History”.
  • After clicking, a new tab will open where we can view all the history.

How do I make them not see my search history?

If you think someone is watching your story and you don’t want them to see what you’re looking for, you can do 2 things to avoid that:

  1. If you don’t want them to see something, activate incognito mode in your browser by clicking on the three dots, which will open a new incognito window.
  2. You can also delete everything you’ve seen, to do this, go to the history and click “Clear browsing data”, which you’ll find on the left side of the screen.

Who can see my history?

Anyone who has access to your cell phone or computer can view your history.

Every website we visit on the Internet, and every search query we type is recorded somewhere in the operating system of technological devices. So it’s likely that someone else can see your browsing history.

For example, the administrator of the Wi-Fi network you use at home or at work might know what social networking sites you frequent or what content you download. Likewise, cybercriminals can track your history to steal your personal information, though, (it should be noted that data such as cards are not saved).

Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a virtual private network such as Nord VPN to hide your IP address and keep your information and history safe.

Why do you need the history of a mobile browser that has been deleted?

First of all, if the history is deleted, it means something is hidden. It makes sense. If you picked up your child’s, husband/wife’s, or loved one’s phone, went into the history, and it’s clear – that’s a reason to think. Remember: the history of visited sites can not delete! If there is no list, it means it was deleted.

Secondly, if a person is just a “cleaner” and every day not only cleans his teeth before going to bed but also his phone and browsing history, it is still possible to track why he goes online and what he reads or watches there.

Thirdly, no one has canceled the control of children’s behavior on the Internet. Parents just need to see what their child is interested in, what sites they visit, and what queries they type in. But children as young as 6 know how to “clean up” their actions on smartphones. And that’s why programs that can show the history of the phone, even if it has been deleted, are really needed.

Fourth, if you’re the manager of a company, the employees’ mobile browser history will show what employees are actually doing during work hours. Whether they’re looking for work by logging on to the job exchange, sitting for hours on dating sites, or texting with friends instead of working.

Fifthly, in order to, say, find an article on a site that you liked, but can’t remember which site you read it on. That’s why first we’ll describe the steps to help you understand how to look up your own browsing history on your phone.


There are many dangers on the Internet, we have everything from sexual predators pretending to be children to cyber criminals, and the worst part is that our children spend all day glued to a computer screen, so they risk suffering from some abuse.

It’s our responsibility as parents to protect you from the dangers, so tracking your browsing history can help us detect these dangers and act accordingly.

In addition, if you have a company, it can also help us see how our employees spend their time and thus see if they are using their work time properly.

In short, viewing attendance history has many benefits, parents protect their children, and supervisors can monitor employees.

Paul Num is a professional in telephone communications, gadgets, and software. We engage him to work with in order to provide you with only verified and relevant information.

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